30DoSS 4

Some people are born to fight and some people are born to run.  Mitch was the running kind.  Any time things got difficult, he packed up and moved out.  He always tried to tell himself he wasn’t running from something so much as running toward something else.  Whether it was from or to he found himself in a small village named Tukatuk somewhere on the long western coast of Alaska.

There were only two ways in to Tukatuk – you either had to ride the waves or the wind and Mitch found himself here after a disagreement with the captain of a fishing boat.  Smyth, the captain of “Ketchikan’s Catch” was amicable enough to offer Mitch a ride back to Ketchikan before paying him out but Mitch’s way was to run as quickly as possible and so he found himself in a town of 1200 or so people with 2 main roads and a handful of sidewalks.

Mitch watched as “Ketchikan’s Catch” vanished over the horizon and looked around at his new home.  He tossed his duffle bag over his shoulder and set off walking down the main street as he tried to ignore the stares following him.  It was still June so he wasn’t too worried about finding a place to stay – he could camp if need be and he certainly didn’t expect to be here by the time the days started to shorten.


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