It’s like a train wreck but in a good way

Seriously, hear me out on this. Having children is a lot like a train wreck.

You are moving forward on your life which has its own sort of inertia. Sure, you have bumps along the way but really, your life kind of moves along the rails. Every now and again you might find a stop that is interesting and you hop off and take a tour of the area, maybe take some pictures, try some new kind of food, hit the touristy areas and hang out, but eventually, most of us end up back on that train heading in the same direction it was before.

Sometimes the train breaks down and you are left straddling the iron rails for a while but eventually the boiler builds up steam and then you get moving once more.

And then, like that shiny penny on the track of urban legend BAM! You are off the rails, digging a trough 50 feet long and scattering daisies and poppies across the field. It takes a bit longer, but you eventually get the train back up on the rails and after a mile or two you realize that the track is completely gone.

I call this the second child.

So now, finally, the train of my life is starting to move again. It is a bit more battered, sure, and it takes a bit more steam to move but inch by inch it is heading off in a new direction.

I am looking forward to the new horizons and I invite you, if you survived the multiple de-railings, to hop aboard and take this ride with me, let’s see what wonders and terrors await beyond this next bend and through that tunnel.


3 thoughts on “It’s like a train wreck but in a good way

  1. You too, eh? I thought I was stressing out more than anyone.
    But now I know what it is like and it is terribly awesome. Sometimes I think of other species where the parent always literally gives up their life force to the next generation. Of course no parent wants to live longer than their children, but to feel like “it took 10 years off me” is something of a shocker too. I also feel sad for step-parents who never get “their own” kids because the widower or divorcee is so traumatized they don’t want any more.

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