10 quick (and hopefully not dirty) pokes

This is a quick 10 things, done in about 2 minutes or less in response to Dani’s 10 things post.  The topic and rules are over at her site, so go check it out.

10.  Poking an eye out.
9.  Pokemon – I know it isn’t exactly poke, but this is a subconscious do it quick kind of thing.
8.  Pokey – old west slang for jail.  I think it is old west, anyway.
7.  Ft. Polk Louisiana.  Not much more to be said here other than homonymnalicious.
6.  Pig in a poke.  I honestly don’t even know what this means.
5.  Poke as in slang for sex… excuse me while I try and get back on topic.
4.  Nope, still stuck at sex.
3.  Poking someone to get their attention.
2.  Pokecratic method.  Wow, my subconscious sucks.
1.  “Better than a poke in the eye” and here we are, back at 10.  That is somehow beautifully poketic.  Okay.  I’ll stop with the puns.  Blame this on Dani.


2 thoughts on “10 quick (and hopefully not dirty) pokes

  1. Oh, you’re fabulous, Patrick. One note: I tried both Safari and Firefox, but your words are disappearing into the right-hand column. As in, your long lines don’t seem to be wrapping, so I’m missing the ends of all of your lines. ???

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