Dream a little dream

Okay, this is a dream I had that kind of freaked me out.  It is one of those things that makes me wish that I was more anonymous in my blogging.  That being said, I am working at bringing more honesty to my writing so here goes, I’ll do the best I can with it, however, I am probably too much of an intellectual coward to go into full detail.
I was a priest or about to be ordained a priest in a more orthodox style religion – I was wearing the black cassock and in an old church.  The type to have wood decorations so old and dark they looked like chocolate.  Sometimes I was alone, sometimes there was another priest there with me – an older man with a grey horseshoe of hair around his ears.  Mostly I was alone.

The devil communicated with me tempting me and wanting me to allow possession.  I resisted, of course.  Then 7 beautiful women appeared, naked, in the nave.  They were tall and thin each with longish hair.  Their bodies were perfect but their eyes were dark and cold.  They came at me offering pleasure and distraction and as the first one came close and hugged me and started to nuzzle into my neck I hugged her back and started saying the “Our Father”.

As I was doing so she started to scream and thrash and her pale flesh began to blister.  Finally, as I finished, she vanished as a vapor.

Another came and me and the same basic thing happened.  And then a third, though on this one, the words of the prayer (which is easily the most basic, common and known prayer) started to slip from me.  At the same time I didn’t resist quite as much to the whispered promises.

Despite the wailing and thrashing each of the demons, for I knew them for that, would approach me calmly and willingly.  By the time I had dealt with the 5th one I was just so tired and didn’t really care any more so instead I willingly submitted as the last two walked toward me.

At this point I woke up in a sweat and was actually wondering if you sold your soul in a dream if it counted.  Then I decided I didn’t really care about that and just wanted to go back to sleep so I could take up with those last two where we left off.  There was also some vaguely conan vision of sitting in a throne made up of that dark chocolate church wood with the two still naked and exceedingly hot demon consorts on the steps of the nave below me while the rest of the church burned and I could hear people outside screaming and dying as the end came and me not really caring – well, not entirely true, more like me enjoying it.

So, am I damned or just tired.  Or just damned tired.  Writing it out it misses those surreal dream feelings but it still affects me.

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