The inevitability of time

Okay, I have a couple of quick updates – been as busy as a doom’s day prophet at costco.

1.  Finished up Murder & Madness – it was a good book with quite a bit to recommend about it and a few things I was less than enamored with.  I will write more on that later.

2.  Also finished up By The Light of the Moon by Dean R. Koontz – a decent read, not my favorite by him.  There is a little bit of time travel involved somewhere in the book that finally helped me to put a time travel conundrum that I have long held into words.  If you can help me understand this, I will like you a lot.

So, it is often speculated that you can’t really change anything in the past.  To do so would create a paradox so you could never go back into the past so the thing is unchanged.  Right?  Well, that makes me think that every single moment in time is technically history to sometime in the future.  Therefore, it seems to me, nothing can be changed about yesterday, today, or tomorrow.

Which makes me a fatalist I suppose?

Which makes me wonder if in 30 days time I will be celebrating the completion of my nanowrimo novel or cursing the fates for thwarting me so.

And yes, this blog post was random, even for me.


2 thoughts on “The inevitability of time

  1. Mr. Spock has orders to kill you, Captain. He will succeed, apparently. You will also appear to have killed him, after a fierce battle. Regrettable, but it will leave me in command.

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