10 Minute Death Match – Kindle vs. Nook

So, over the weekend I went to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market over the weekend.  While I was there I remembered about the Barnes and Noble in the promenade.  I wanted to make sure and at least hold and play around with the Nook before making my final decision.

As you might expect, the reading area really looks basically the same.  They are both e-ink and both are easy on the eyes.  The big difference is the touchscreen on the Nook.  I really disliked it.  It was very bright and distracting.  Granted, it turned off after a short time (30 seconds?  1 minute?) but even so it was a very jarring uncomfortable experience.  I can see if I used it that I would load in and then look away till the light went out and then start reading.  I would hate to accidentally activate it as I was reading.

It wasn’t all negative – I like that it runs Android, I like that you can put in different sim cards.  I could probably get used to the touchscreen – there might even be a setting to dim it.  The real deciding factor for me was based on the fact that I have a newborn coming very soon and this e-reader is to help me out with those long sleepless nights.  That deciding factor is the ease with which one can switch from reading to voice-to-text and still be at the same place.  I reckon I will get a lot of use out of that feature with those late night feedings.

So, the winner by a fair margin is the Kindle 3.  I am ordering it today and will let you know what I think of it once it is in my greedy semi-literate hands.

After all this sensible, adult-like comparison shopping I felt that I deserved a little bit of a reward which came courtesy of Yummy Cupcakes on Wilshire – behold the Apple/Blue Cheese cupcake.

yummy cupcakes

yummy cupcakes

Yes, it sounds weird.  Yes it was very good.


3 thoughts on “10 Minute Death Match – Kindle vs. Nook

  1. I went with the WiFi only one – I don’t really go anywhere that I don’t have wifi so it didn’t make sense to me to get the 3G one. Believe me, I tried to come up with any even vaguely rational reason but just couldn’t.

  2. My iPod and podcasts really came in handy with Thing2. I didn’t have that luxury with Thing1. Man I remember sitting there staring into the darkness. Gave me so much time to contemplate how I was going to screw up the little life sleeping (or not) on my shoulder…

    Kinda miss those quiet hours…

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