What am I reading? Salem’s Lot, thanks for asking.

This isn’t my first tryst with blogging.  I had a couple with blogger and it was going decently and then there were a couple of times I tried to post stuff and shenanigans ensued.  Those of you who know me, know that I have a Great Book of Grudges and once something has been inscribed there it is difficult for me to strike that Grudge.

I blame it on my Irish.

Anyway, one of my favorite thing was posting what I was reading so I am going to take that up here.  This reminds me to finish up the review for Soul Hunter – it is WAY more in depth than I intended at the beginning, but as my friend Brian pointed out – it is a book you can go surprisingly deep into for what is, essentially, future sci-fi war porn.   But I digress.  I am also including Audio books, btw, as I just discovered that the LA Library has a pretty decent number of audio books and I can listen a bit to and from work since I now have kind of a long drive.

I am a big Stephen King fan, so it is only fitting that I start this semi-regular series up with him.

I am now listening to Salem’s Lot by Stephen King

Cover for Salem's Lot audio book

As always, the cover picture I use is the exact version I am “reading”.  So far I am just into King’s introduction and there go my 10 minutes.

Quick Aside – setting a 10 minute timer is working well for keeping me from spending too much time on things during breaks at work.  I might start doing longer “lunch posts” sometime soon though because 10 minutes is dreadfully short.  Which should make me appreciate time much much more.


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