10 things in 10 minutes – unchained

10 things in 10 minutes – Unchained

You know the rules – Dani gives the prompt – Unchained in this case.  I added an extra one for myself – not more than 10 minutes

10.  Unchained Melody.  I am not ashamed to say that I once sang this to a girl over the phone.  Thank God that was in the days before MP3 recorders.

9.  I think of some pulp style novel cover with a dark black freed slave holding the broken chains

8.  Oh Brother Where Art Thou – how they are all chained together at the beginning and have to go to the his cousin’s house

7.  Unchained Heat – back to the pulp style fiction, though this is one of those loosely classified as “romance”  – maybe involving motorcycle babes

Editor’s note:  Wow this one is really hard – already down to just 4 minutes.

6.  Atlas Shrugged, breaking his chains of bondage – strange how muscles and chains go together in my head

5.  Unlocking the entire door?  Those little chains?  Yeah I am grasping here

4.  Releasing vicious hounds off their chains to tear people apart (Michael Vick, I am looking at you)

3.  Nick Cage – not the actor, but Power Man from Marvel comics.

2.  Somehow thinking of Chani from Dune – that is more a strange association thing because of the sound.

1.   Eglentyne is a pain in the ass.

In this case I am very glad that I have the 10 minute time limit.  Those last 2 were done in the last 30 seconds – I could easily have spent longer on it obsessing over what to put.


One thought on “10 things in 10 minutes – unchained

  1. You have unchained your muse my friend. You just have to let the ideas come to you. #2 is great free association. Don’t get tangled with the internal editor. Show him who’s boss. Let it flow. And yes, clearly I am a pain in the ass, but you still seem to do my bidding. Mwa hahaha.

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