Convincing myself it is okay to get an e-reader

I am very seriously considering getting an e-reader.  At this point it is looking like the Kindle 3 is leading the pack, though I will likely wait until the Nook 2 comes out.  This is my quick pro/con list – feel free to comment on anything I am missing

Small, light, easy to carry
It will help to reduce clutter from the books I like to keep and reread occasionally
Fits easily in my bag so I can read between clients
Many of my reference books are in pdf – it would give me a way to keep them handy without needing my whole laptop
Books purchased on kindle are stored in the cloud and can be recovered – also, if I am reading without the kindle bookmarks sync automatically
Unlike iPad has limited use as a computer – which is a pro because I get distracted by things online
I have seen the kindle and was very impressed by how easy it is to read – it really is like paper – I think eyestrain would be pretty minimal
The cost is pretty decent even for the high end model of a Kindle
Magazine subscriptions and books are both cheaper than print equivalent
Potentially better for environment

It is a “thing” and I am trying to reduce the things I have (though it must be said that I am replacing many books with it)
It is technology and therefore can break
The storage space is huge and I could potentially “overcommit” and buy a bunch of books I never read
It doesn’t have the feel or smell of real books
Can’t trade in old “books” at used book store – no resale of books
Many old favorites are not in digital format and likely never will
Not all publishers are embracing digital format (though most are or soon will be)

So, that is where I am at – please feel free to chime in!


One thought on “Convincing myself it is okay to get an e-reader

  1. The “thing” isn’t really a con…as you noted. I imagine you wanted stuff to fluff the con list because moving to an e-reader would be like replacing your child with a youTube video.

    It is technology and therefore can break- and a pen can run out of ink…

    Over-commit – OMG I own too many books!!!!! Oh wait, that’s a bad thing? It’s not like it’s hookers or blow.

    I get the tactile things missing… It’s like spending a night with redtube… somehow something is just missing.

    The trade in thing is something I had considered, but don’t Kindle books cost less than regular book? (Way to help kill print… murder of love.)

    You may be right about the older books, but did you know anything earlier than … 1921 that is in print is free to download? HuckFin and the such… from amazon anyway. (I forget the actual year, but this is pretty close.)

    Lack of embrace… you know ALL about this… heh No, but really, how long before that changes.

    We have 3 kindles here… book sharing feature rocks. The “visual” on the text is really mind blowing, if you haven’t sat down with on, go go go.

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