10 minutes to answer 10 things

I am working on a lot of different things right now, but internally and externally.  I have a desire for a seismic change both in my thinking and my life – all for the better I assure you.  One of the things, as mentioned last week, is a greater regulation over my time.  I have a tendency to throw my energy in way too many directions and then have trouble keeping track of everything.  This leads to a cluttered mind, cluttered life, and cluttered time.

Strangely, I can thank twitter (eponymous to me with scattered attention – but also really cool) for helping me to come to the conclusion of some real ways to start making this change.  Back on topic as the countdown for my 10 minutes of free time ticks on.

Eglentyne posts these 10 things every now and again which are really just short simple writing challenges / exercises.  She posted a why over on her site – faq for 10 things I will wait while you check it out.

I started posting my reply to it over there but then it was getting long winded, so I figured I would just combine them here – and yes, I added 3 minutes for the change of direction – it felt important to me.  Now, onto the true meat of this post.

I wanna say thanks for posting these, Dani.  They are usually the kick in the pants I need to do SOMETHING creative.  Sadly, writing is one of my favorite things to do and yet is the thing that I constantly put off.  These 10 things are small enough that I can stop whatever “important” thing I am doing and stretch myself creatively.  It is very easy to self-edit anything “real” that I am writing or stress out over it and not actually write anything.

10 things are really just a short little challenge which gets the creative juices flowing.

I have a confession to make.   I feel that I have been becoming dumber over the last few years.  I can’t really blame anyone but me – I stopped reading and writing for pleasure and found myself playing more video games and watching more TV.  There are any number of excuses and rationalizations of why this happened, but I have only just recently realized the effects it has had upon me.

Which gets me back to this rambling post (2:43 seconds left, for those counting down).  Just doing 10 things and the other challenges from Dani and the other writers I follow or are RTed on twitter have already started to reap HUGE rewards.  I am making time to write some (not enough, but it is a good and encouraging start).  I feel a bit smarter – my vocabulary is going back up and just generally I am enjoying things *COOL TIMER ringing now so I have to wrap up*.

Anyway, in longwinded fashion, I can tell you Dani, I get the point and it has worked for me.  And thank you.


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