Fast post and a cloud and the burning of time

So, I am trying something new.  I found and I am loving it (thanks twitter) – and one of the cool things there was to just set a time limit on doing things for productivity and doing things you love.  Whatever, there is a lot there, go check it out – I am a deadline here.

Anyway,  so one of my goals is 1 post a day with no more than 10 minutes spent on it – even if it cuts me off mid-sentence.  You probably can’t tell from my tweets and other posts, but I do agonize over what I write before I hit “publish” and hopefully this will help me get over that anxiety.

Somewhat related, I did a tweet cloud (just been doing twitter a short time, thought I would check it out) and I am pretty happy that I am not nearly as negative as I sometimes worry I am.  since you are all dying to see it, here you go.


The words I most often vomit up.

I especially love the middle.

Wow, 10 minutes already almost up.  Time flies or, in the immortal words of Malcolm McDowell, “Time is the fire in which we burn.”


One thought on “Fast post and a cloud and the burning of time

  1. Lovely little post. Sometimes good things come out in those shorts bursts of concentration. My favorite part of your cloud is “awesome looking yeah.” No, “cool idea gonna life.” Yes, that’s my favorite bit.

    Two things I’ve been wondering… Is that an actual picture of you up there in the banner? And What is that on your head?

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