10 things towels

Eglentyne shamed me into this for which I am thankful.  No idea what I am talking about?

Go here – http://www.somethingknitty.com/alertthepizza/2010/9/21/10-things-towel.html

And then when you come back

You can see my 10 things list

I am trying to create a bit of space

So you guys don’t steal my towel.


10.  Someone stole my towel.

9.  The only thing one needs to hitchhike across the universe.

8.  Snapping each other at the pool.

7.  Laying out on a towel at the pool or beach.

6.  The smell of hot clean towels coming out of the dryer.

5.  An old oil-stained rag that my dad had in his garage before he died.  Really more of a hand towel, but just thinking of it I can smell it.

4.  LE’s cute flower towel.

3.  Those rough scratchy brown army towels.

2.  Hot wet women wrapped only in a towel.

1.  Drying off after the cold shower towel number 2 made me take.

And there you go, Dani.  I hope you are happy.


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