A Wilde dream

Olivia Wilde seems to be pretty cool to me

Olivia Wilde

Had a crazy dream last night with Olivia Wilde (@OliviaWilde for you twitterati) from House, M.D. in it.  I’ll just tell you upfront that there was no nudity or sexiness in it.  Sorry.

I was somehow at a filming of House and there were a few people and one of them was a girl in her late teens – early 20s that was a total stalker of Olivia (for some reason, I called her Olivia De Havillon  – I knew that was wrong in the dream but couldn’t remember her last name) which drove the stalker nuts.  Well, for some reason Olivia’s apartment was nearby where the filming was (the complex was really a bunch of nice bungalows with tons of grass around and no fences and a big pond.  It was really quite pretty.

Anyway, Olivia kept hanging out and talking to me mostly to avoid the stalker chick and then at one point Olivia noticed the stalker was gone.  She had snuck into Olivia’s bedroom and she freaked out and had everyone leave, we had to go back to the filming anyway.  On the way back somehow it was a good idea to wade through the little pond but Olivia fell in and all of her clothes were wet.  She started taking off the clothes and handing them to me to hold.  She had a big coat too which she kept on.  Somehow her slip ended up missing and we knew the stalker had it so she went to get her makeup redone and I went to find the stalker, which was back in Olivia’s house (I remember thinking, she should really lock her front door).  I confronted the stalker and said to give back the slip and she said no and that I didn’t even deserve to be there because I didn’t even know her last name.

I said she was crazy and just give me the thing back before I called the police and she wouldn’t so I reached into her backpack and pulled the slip out.  There was lots of yelling and craziness which drew a lot of people over.  The stalker finally left and then I noticed that there were these two other women now painting their toenails in Olivia’s living room and I said “really?  You are doing that now after I just chased a stalker out of here?”  And then they cleaned up their stuff and left and I woke up.

Very odd.

Edit: got to work and realized my blog post from this morning didn’t show.  Lucky for you guys that  wordpress has a draft feature.  Because I know you were all wondering what my dream last night was.


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