Friday afternoon news dump and the first ever QuiRe.

The Clock Stood Still by girltripped at

The Clock Stood Still by

I am working on that review for Soul Hunter – hope to finish it up soonish.

The whole book review thing got me to thinking about a very important issue – how to rate things.  This is a blog of randomness which will have 40k and non-40k reviews as well as movies, models, tv shows, art, photography, hot chicks on the promenade, street performers,  and anything else I feel like making snap judgments about over the interweb for all to see.  I am pretty happy with what I have come up with for that – check it out and let me know what you think.  It is kind of random and may be a bit difficult to follow but it makes sense to me.  If you hate it, let me know and I will give a rating of 3, 5, or 10 arbitrary somethings.  Or not.  But I promise to at least take it under consideration.

Also, I am working on a short story that I hope to finish up this weekend – I am shooting for around 4000 words.  I am entering it into a contest so won’t publish it here until the contest is over.  If any of you cool mofos want to read it and edit it for free shoot me a message and I’ll happily take advantage of your good nature.

This leads me to my final point of this post.  I love visual art – I would not consider myself an expert or even a learned amateur, and I kind of like it this way.  It allows me to experience pieces on a visceral (albeit admittedly shallow) level.  I come across works of art from time to time from different mediums that I really want to share just because they cause me to feel something.  It doesn’t have to be a good feeling, just something making it worthy to share.  Without further ado I bring you the first installation of yet another irregular feature – a little something I like to call the QuiRe for Quick Review.  Get it?  Okay, the name sucks, I am working on it.

Friday QuiRe – The Clock Stood Still by WinterWolf (

I saw the above pic and instantly fell in love it. Much of WinterWolf’s work has an oddly melancholic antique feel which resonates with me and this piece in particular captures that.  The straight lines of the wallpaper and furniture are stark and bold – almost cold.  The shadow from the window adds to these hard angles and even the hardwood floor feels almost aggressive.  The crooked painting in the background adds to this feeling of violence, though the stillness of the picture makes me feel that the moment of violence has passed.

The model in the front is all soft lines and curves physically and her clothing calls to mind an old West burlesque feel – perhaps a prostitute taken up with a shady character.   The solo model in front of the the photos on the shelf is an interesting counterpoint – they are all couples.  She is alone.  My only quibble with this work is that one or two of the photos on the shelf are anachronistic with the feel of the photo but that is a very minor quibble.

The shadows on her body and the blackness of her skirt feel absolute and cold to me and contrast with the bodice nicely.  The model’s expression is perfect for the story the photo invokes in my mind.  There is, to my mind, a corpse just out of frame and certainly of violence though whether the body is hers or that of her lover or even a client is a bit of a mystery.  This completes her “couple” as reflected in the photos on the shelf as I mentioned above.  She is almost almost angry with that blank-slate face and the curl of her fingers.  She is a ghost in fleshy form.

I am sure I read far too much into it and most likely not at all what the artists or model intended, but that is the beauty of art and this image is truly beautiful and I found myself holding my breath as I looked at it.

Using my rating system this is a solid 1:30AM.

Go check them out at or


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