10 things challenge!

Eglentyne over at Something Knitty does this 10 things challenge from time to time and since I am starting a random and sundry blog this seemed like a good addition.

This challenge is write down 10 reasons you might steal bags of soap out of the dispensers in public restrooms. GO! GO! GO!

My list is:

1.  Eglentyne told me to specifically to cause mayhem, cause that is how she rolls.

2.  A broken down school bus full of people with swelling hands who are wearing rings!

3. So I can enjoy that clean smell anytime I want – no public restroom necessary.

4. I need to make napalm.

5. Soap bag fight!

6. Pillow for when I am homeless.

7. Liquor for when I am homeless.

8. My car wash ponzi scheme.

9. As a subject for my painting “Still Life With Stolen Stuff”

10. It lubricates and cleans at the same time!


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